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At, we believe that art is not just a physical or digital object, but an experience. That experience becomes richer when it can be shared and enjoyed by multiple people. Therefore, we’ve designed our unique art objects to be freely duplicated, much like prints in traditional printmaking. You can share these unique art discoveries with your friends, family, and community, and each recipient will have their own verifiably unique gift that they can then pass along further.

Yet, each copy of a art object carries its own unique story and history. Every transfer of ownership, every transaction, is inscribed into the object itself. Each art object thus becomes a living testament to the relationships formed, the friendships cherished, and the communities built around it.

This method of duplication does not dilute the value of the artwork, rather it amplifies it. Each copy carries with it the essence of the original discovery, yet its value is enhanced by the new contexts, meanings, and relationships it engenders. Every time a artwork is passed along, it becomes a new chapter in its own story, enriched by its journey through the hands and hearts of its owners.

This approach also opens up new avenues of appreciation and value for the art. It’s not just about ownership, it’s about participation and contribution in an ongoing journey of discovery and appreciation. It’s about the friends we made along the way, the relationships we fostered, and the shared experiences that bind us together. We invite you to be a part of this journey and share in the beauty and joy of discovering, owning, and gifting art.