Background Circle Background Circle is a digital art asset system that works by using public-key cryptography to verifiably sign each new charm transaction. When a charm is minted on this site, the new charm is signed using the private key and is transferred directly to another public key. A signed artwork is verified by the public key of the signer and a public key’s ownership can be proven by whomever holds that corresponding private key.

While it’s always recommended to generate your keys on a system that you control, we understand that not everyone may have the technical knowledge or desire to do so. If you prefer to trust us and our key generation process, you can conveniently download a zip file of a key pair below. Alternately, you can generate the key text here. Just keep in mind that generating your keys on your own system ensures maximum control and security over your art objects.

Your private key allows you to prove ownership, transfer ownership, and mint new charms using our software. Your public key is like a signature that anyone can view. Store your private key in a manner fitting to the value you place on your artworks. Perhaps email yourself a copy of your private key text file. Maybe you’ve decided your charms are priceless heirlooms that require a secure crypto hardware wallet. Or perhaps it’s somewhere in between. The choice is yours.

Download RSA Key Pair (ZIP)