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Focusing on Provenance over Proof-of-Work

Traditional blockchain-based approaches, such as those used in creating Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) or digital currencies like Bitcoin, rely on proof-of-work mechanisms. These are computational puzzles that require considerable processing power and energy to solve, thus validating and recording transactions on the blockchain. However, in the context of the business model, proof-of-work is not a necessity., instead, emphasizes provenance — the history of the artwork’s ownership, ensuring the traceability and authenticity of each digital art object. Provenance has long been a critical element in the art world as it validates an artwork’s legitimacy, protecting against forgeries, and establishing historical context. In the digital realm, provenance plays an even more crucial role, ensuring that each piece of art’s ownership can be definitively traced from its origin.


By embedding the provenance data within the art object itself in the form of JSON Web Tokens (JWTs), eliminates the need for resource-intensive proof-of-work systems. The key advantage here is efficiency and accessibility. With Charm.Farm’s approach, minting and transferring ownership of digital art becomes less resource-intensive, making the platform more accessible to a broader range of artists and collectors.


This shift away from proof-of-work aligns well with‘s goal of promoting the joy of art discovery. It enables more artists to participate and contribute to the ecosystem, enriching the platform with a diverse array of ‘charms’. By focusing on provenance, maintains the integrity and authenticity of each artwork while promoting a more inclusive and sustainable digital art space.