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This pseudocode describes the steps involved in creating a object. Each step provides a higher-level abstraction of the operations, making the process easier to understand and implement.


This process ensures that the new owner is the only person who can validly transfer the art object in the future, as only they would have the corresponding private key. For anyone to verify the ownership chain, they can decode each JWT in the metadata blocks, check the digital signatures using the public keys in the JWT payloads, and ensure the chains of ownership and the integrity of the art content.


This function reads and validates each JWT block in order, checking for correct payload structure, correct block number, correct cryptographic signature, and ensuring that the public key of the sender matches the public key of the previous receiver, which verifies the correct and provable transfer of ownership. If any check fails, the function immediately returns False, indicating an invalid JWT chain. If it verifies all blocks successfully, it returns True.


This function goes through each requirement for a valid art object, including format checks, content checks, and cryptographic validation, and returns a boolean indicating whether the file meets these requirements. If any check fails, it immediately returns False, indicating the file is not a valid art object. If it passes all checks, it returns True.