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A New Dawn in Art Creation and Ownership

We believe in a future where art is a journey, a sublime process of discovery. A future where technology not just assists but collaborates with us in this journey. is our answer, our statement to the world, our manifesto. is more than a piece of software; it’s a new canvas, a new artistic constraint. It’s the dawn of a new art form where the artists and AI, in harmony, embark on a voyage of exploration. Where creation is replaced by discovery and where the thrill of stumbling upon a unique ‘charm’ is the ultimate artistic satisfaction. isn’t about signing a digital file; it’s about intertwining the artist’s intent, AI’s interpretations, and the audience’s reception in a delicate dance. A collaboration where the outcomes are as unpredictable as they are enchanting. It’s not about drawing lines or splashing colors, but rather, about igniting the spark that guides AI’s explorations.


In the labyrinth of our complex digital economy, rediscovers the essence of ownership. It doesn’t demand proof-of-work but cherishes provenance. Public art requires public keys, a testament to a piece’s journey, every transfer a new chapter in its ever-evolving narrative. This emphasis on provenance is a tribute to the time-honored tradition of tracing art’s lineage, while infusing it with the power of cryptographic technology. isn’t about populating the digital world with more and more trash. It’s about appreciating the precious few ‘charms’ that we discover in our creative expeditions. It’s about celebrating the sharing of these charms, fostering a vibrant gift economy where each artwork exchange strengthens human relationships.


This is our fight against a dystopian cyberpunk future. This is our attempt to recapture the timeless practice of making art in the studio, to bring back the magic of stumbling upon unexpected beauty. To rekindle the joy of sharing this beauty with others and to document each share, each gift in the indelible ledger of provenance. is a statement, a vision, a revolution. It’s an invitation to embrace the charm of discovery, the power of shared experiences, and the magic of provable ownership. is, and forever will be, the home of charming little digital art objects with a cryptographic provenance. Together, let’s embark on this sublime journey of art discovery and ownership, forever altering the course of the digital art world.